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Author: Syahrullah
Causeway Bay - The official establishment of an Export and Import business plan established by one of the origins of Indonesia migrant workers, with a wide range of products that are obtained from various countries and one was China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, the venture stand and raised in Hong Kong which was founded by "Hayati Rojali" Migrant workers origin Eretan, West Java.

The event will be inaugurated on August 30, 2015 will be attended by Mr. Ko, Manager Remittance Bank Mandiri branch of Hongkong to Indonesia, BHSM Kopjar (BMI Hong Kong aware of the future), and from various backgrounds residing in Hong Kong TKI.

With the holding of the inaugural event at once inspire the migrant workers aware of the future. "Hayati Rojali" owners at once served as Chairman of Hong Kong wanted to prove BHSM over news coverage that often appear in Indonesia about TKI that isn't always true, a TKI can also be successful in the land of people state and the raise of Red and White flag in another.

Not only selling products export and Import, moreover HR-Palugada which she built also provides Pensions BMI as a place of lodging for the migrant workers of the new Indonesia came in Hong Kong or those who have run out of contract work and waiting for the expiration of Visas ran out. Hope fore HR-Google will also provide a venue or lodging for travelers and students who are currently in Indonesia in Hong Kong. At the Guest House that she founded BMI has teamed up with local residents.

The spirit of struggling women this one ought to be stretched out of the thumb, and can be an inspiration to all. With the Moto "BMI Jadi Bos, Pasti bisa" are the words that became his encouragement.

Based on our discussions with Her, She also said his gratitude to Mr. Widya Rahadianto, Mr. Wasis Winardi, Mr. Bawafi, Mr. Luqi. Bayu, Ms. Fitri, and Mr. Anton Ciputra University.

She did not escape and said a thank you very much to Bank Mandiri, which has provided training for free to all BMI with the program "Independent Labor become Employer change my best friend". Ladies this one is a graduate of MS Bath To 6 via a program that held independent Bank to migrant workers who are residing in Hong Kong.

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